Taran Nolan (Tar) was recently in a car accident and is now paralyzed with a spinal cord injury and frontal lobe damage!  Her family needs a mobility van that can hold a wheelchair to take her to and from the hospital. 

The Nolan family were relocating to South Carolina from Southern California. Taran (wife of Jimmy) and three of their four children (Micki, Daisy and Jimmy Quick) were in South Carolina while their dad Jimmy and their oldest daughter Paisley had stayed behind in California to tie up loose ends. Jimmy was talking to Tar on the phone when he heard Tar scream, a loud crash and the phone went dead. Tar’s car had collided head on with another car then burst into flames. EMS was able to get Tar, Daisy, and Jimmy Quick out. They could not get to Micki in time.

The family has been dealing with more than you can imagine and I am asking for urgent help for the PRESENT TIME NOW! Tar has spinal cord injuries and frontal lobe damage. She has battled infection after infection and complication after complication. 

They are needing in-home health care every day, especially evenings (they are receiving it once every 8 days). Tar has severe spasms that keeps her from sleeping and they cannot get an appointment to get medication for another 3 weeks. She had a colostomy but the incision site won’t allow the bag to stay in and they are still awaiting help as this prevents Tar from doing the physical therapy that she requires so she doesn’t get so stiff and have more spasms.

The Nolan family are so grateful for all they have received so far but they need more help for Tar.  

Thank you for your support!

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