"More LEGS, More Steps, More Life!"

Founded in 2016, I GOT LEGS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to ReEnabling the paralysis community to walk again through the use of exoskeletons and other forms of adaptive technology.

Our vision is to turn Exoskeleton Racing into a Paralympic and collegiate adaptive sport, and be a driving force behind the science and innovation towards reversing paralysis. 

Founder/Executive Director

  • Adam Gorlitsky

Board of Directors

  • Warren Adcock
  • John Ilderton
  • Danielle Blocker

Our story / About Founder and executive director Adam Gorlitsky

“When I am standing and walking in my ReWalk robotic exoskeleton, I do not feel disabled, nor do I feel able-bodied; I feel ReEnabled.”
-- Adam Gorlitsky Founder/
Exec Director I GOT LEGS

Our story began on April 2, 2016 when our founder, Adam Gorlitsky, became the first paralyzed man to walk the Cooper River Bridge Run using a ReWalk robotic exoskeleton. The 6.2 mile race took him nearly 7 hours and exactly 17,932 steps to complete. It was on this day that I GOT LEGS was officially born; however though, Adam’s journey began nearly a decade earlier...

On the night of December 30, 2005, Adam was involved in a catastrophic car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down with a spinal cord injury.  His doctors believed he would never walk again.  In August of 2015 though, after a decade of living with paralysis, Adam was given the opportunity to explore a breakthrough new technology – a ReWalk robotic exoskeleton -- a groundbreaking device that would allow him to stand up and walk again.  It was at this moment that lead him to start training for the 2016 Cooper River Bridge Run, and fundraise for his own personal exoskeleton.

I GOT LEGS started out as a slogan Adam put on t-shirts to help raise funds for his own personal exoskeleton; but shortly after he crossed the finish line of the 2016 Cooper River Bridge Run, it became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ReEnabling others, like himself, to walk again through the use of the exoskeleton and other available technologies and therapies. 

Since 2016, Adam has used his ReWalk exoskeleton to walk over 50 road races - which includes breaking a Guinness World Record for exoskeleton marathon walking.  

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